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When The Travel Bells Ring

Travelling in trains has always been very exciting. It has a feeling of fond nostalgia attached to it. Going on summer vacations with family or school trips. They all have train journeys somewhere in it. Basically every memory related to travel has most certainly trains in it than anything else.

We all want to keep going back to it but one thing we absolutely hate is standing in those rade inducing, patience testing, infuriating lines that never seem to end. No matter how early you go to stand in line expecting to be first, there will be a line.

There will always be a line. People *almost* started to make peace with it but then one day in 1999 this website came into the picture.

Slowly and steadily things started changing. Even then people weren’t that aware of it and continued to stand in those never-ending lines and crib away to glory. But slowly as IRCTC started gaining recognition, more and more people started switching to booking tickets online.

Now, who wouldn’t choose booking tickets on the web over standing in the sun and waiting for your turn? Over time as people started moving to the digital sphere and even the e-commerce in India started booming, booking tickets started becoming more and easier. And coming to Indian Railways, IRCTC is one name that definitely pops up in everyone’s head.

Don’t We All Have Preferences?

Once you download the app IRCTC, log in using your existing credentials if you have created an id previously but if you are a new user, fill up your IRCTC registration details.

One of the best things about their app is the easy user interface. If you are booking train tickets, all you have to do is fill details such as where you are traveling from (departure city), where you are traveling to(destination city), and the date you want to travel on.

They even ask your seat preference and you can choose whether you want the window seat or the aisle one if you are traveling in one of those chair car trains.

And for regular ones they ask if you want top, lower, middle or side berths. After booking with IRCTC, you can check for PNR status if your tickets are on the waiting list.

It so happens that a lot of times we take a long shot by booking tickets on the waiting list. What follows are anxiety attacks until the time the chart is prepared and that is about 4 hours before the travel. Keep that aside, we have to agree on the fact that with IRCTC, ticket booking has become easy.

Not just that you can even check for seat availability too. Choosing the seats of your preference. So if you have issues with your back, hurt your leg, or don’t like climbing, you can choose a lower berth at the time of booking.

Another exciting thing about booking the tickets online, whether for vacation or regular travel, there are multiple deals that you can encash, when you have to travel on a regular basis, you are bound to be perpetually tired or at least to the most part and there is always a 0.0001 chance that you might even miss the train.

So it will be really helpful if you have IRCTC online coupons to help you save up on your traveling expenses. When you are saving on tickets, you can use the same on so many other as vacations and even travels, in general, have a lot of hidden costs. There are chances of the expenses going way off budget.

Travel With Ease

Waiting at the station or have to pick a relative up from the station. But have a lot of things lined up and don’t know how to plan it all? IRCTC’s train running status takes care of that. It tells you where the train is exactly in real time, even if there is a lag, it is of a couple of minutes at max.

It is a headache to find train tickets last minute. For well-planned trips, we usually book a couple of weeks in advance. Even then we end up being on the waiting list or probably RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation). What about last minute travels? The ones where you have to book the tickets less than 24 hours before the travel? That’s when IRCTC tatkal booking timings come into the picture. Check for all the available trains and book accordingly.

They have recently introduced a new segment on their website If you have visited their homepage in the recent times, there is a new tab for air travel, IRCTC flights take care of your air travel.

And in any situation where you are not able to travel or might have to give the travel a miss or if your tickets didn’t get off the waiting list or are stuck in RAC list, there is a neat IRCTC cancellation policy that lets you cancel the tickets for a refund provided that the charts are not prepared. That is up to 4 hours before the IRCTC train schedule that you will regularly be updated with on your registered or given the mobile number and email address. Whatever your reason for travel and whenever it is, don’t forget to use CupCoupon coupons to save on your tickets.

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